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How to determine computer processor, graphic chip specifications, or the BIOS version without having to restart the computer to enter the BIOS?

    1. Follow the appropriate operating system procedure to open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool:
      • Windows XP: Click Start, click Run, next to Open type DXDIAG, and then press the ENTER key.
      • Windows Vista and Windows 7: Click the Start button and in the Search field, type DXDIAG, and then press the Enter key. Image
    2. In the DirectX Diagnostics Tool window, to view the computer processor or BIOS version, click the System tab.

      IMPORTANT: The DirectX Diagnostic Tool window can appear slightly differently on different computers, depending on the operating system being used and the hardware components installed.

    3. At a minimum the following information will be listed on the System tab:
      • Computer Name
      • Operating System
      • Language
      • System Manufacturer
      • System Model
      • BIOS
      • Processor
      • Memory
      • Direct X Version
    4. To view the computer graphic chipset information, click the Display (or Display1) tab.

      IMPORTANT: The information listed on the Display (or Display1) tab can appear very differently on different computers, depending on the graphic equipment installed.

    5. The following information may be listed on the Display tab:
      • In the Device section:
        • Name
        • Manufacturer
        • Chip Type
        • Current Display Mode
        • Monitor
      • In the Driver section:
        • Main Driver
        • Version
        • Date
        • Driver Model
      • In the DirectX section:
        • DirectDraw Acceleration
        • Direct3D Acceleration
        • AGP Texture Acceleration