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How to maximize the battery life on the computer


    • Actual battery life will differ depending on the specific model, usage, environmental conditions and the hardware and software configurations.
    • Not all of the following options are available on every notebook model. For information specific to your computer, refer to the user guide. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    • For some notebook models, extended life batteries may be available.  Go to Parts and Accessories

    Follow these suggestions to maximize the battery life:

    • Some computers have a Battery Care Function utility which, if enabled, will allow the battery to charge to either 100%, 80% or 50% of full capacity. To maximize the battery life, change the configuration settings of the Battery Care Function utility to ensure the battery charge level is set to either 80% or 50% of full capacity.
    • Do not leave the battery or computer in high-temperature conditions.
    • If you intend not to use the computer for an extended period of time, unplug the power adapter.
    • Enable a battery optimized power scheme in the operating system or the VAIO Power Management application.
    • Lower the CPU speed.
    • Disconnect peripheral devices (including the USB devices, the i.LINK® device, the microphone and the headphones) and turn off the built-in wireless LAN and Bluetooth devices.
    • Remove the card from any card slots, including the PC card slot, the CF card slot and the Memory Stick slot.
    • Turn the volume of the speakers and headphones down or off, and disable any special functions including the sound effects that may have been enabled.
    • Limit the use of the internal optical drive such as playing DVDs.
    • Limit the use of graphic intensive applications such as video games.
    • Change the performance selector to stamina mode.

      NOTE: The stamina mode setting is available on select series of notebooks computers only. To determine if your model has the stamina mode setting, consult the specifications of the computer. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    Recommendations for storing the battery pack (on models with the removable battery pack):

    WARNING: When using your computer with the battery pack removed, save the data you are working on as often as possible to avoid possible data loss due to a power outage or blackout.

    • If you intend not to use the battery pack for more than one month, charge the battery to at least 50% and then remove it from the computer and store it in a cool, dark place with low humidity.
    • To avoid damaging the connector pins, put the battery pack into a plastic bag and store it in an insulated box such as a cardboard box.
    • When storing multiple battery packs together, do not keep them stacked on one another.
    • Store the battery pack on a flat, stable place to avoid possible shock from dropping.
    • To avoid complete discharge of the battery, charge it to at least 50% once every six months.