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How to transfer pictures from the camera to a computer using a standard USB connection

    You can connect a camera to your computer with a USB connection and transfer images.


    Transfer Images

    Note: The steps outlined use a Microsoft® Windows® 11 computer and a ZV-1 camera.

    1. Turn on the computer and the camera.
    2. Insert the memory card containing the pictures into the camera.
      Note: Skip this step if you want to transfer pictures recorded on the internal memory of a camera. The internal memory will need to be selected from the menu of the camera or auto-selected when the memory card is removed, depending on the camera.
    3. Set the USB Connection or Transfer mode setting in the camera menu to Mass Storage or Auto.
    4. Connect the camera to the computer using the USB cable that was supplied with the camera.

      Note: Connection through a USB hub or other USB devices, such as printers or keyboards, is not supported and operation isn't guaranteed. Connect the camera directly to a USB port on the computer.

    5. Once the computer recognizes the camera, proceed based on the USB Connection type chosen:

      Note: Your computer displays may be different depending on operating system settings. Check Windows documentation for details.

      1. Mass Storage USB connection mode
      2. Auto USB connection mode