Article ID : 00014894 / Last Modified : 08/21/2019

Error: Picture file cannot be displayed, when viewing through DLNA connection.

    You might get this error when you try to view certain pictures on a DLNA capable device such as a Blu-ray Disc™ (BD) player or TV, but some pictures from the same DLNA server can be viewed fine without any errors.

    This may happen if the resolution of the picture is not supported by the device. DLNA capable devices have limitations regarding the resolution of the file to be viewed.

    To view your pictures without errors, compare the resolution of the pictures that cannot be viewed with the resolution of the pictures that can. If the resolution is different, then try taking the pictures again using the same resolution or edit the pictures on a computer with picture editing software to change the resolution size.

    NOTE: Check the specifications of your DLNA capable device to find out what resolutions are supported.