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What products are compatible with the Interface Adaptor for iPod?

    The Interface Adaptor for iPod will work with most Sony® BUS-compatible car stereo systems released in October 2005 or later.

    NOTE: A couple of models that were released in 2006 are not compatible with the Interface Adaptor. These models are the MEX-1GP, MEX-1GPX, CDX-GT805DX and the CDX-GT800D.

    The Interface Adaptor for iPod is compatible with the following Apple® iPod® portable player versions:

    NOTE: Touch-wheel iPods, Scroll-wheel iPods without the dock connector and iPod Shuffle cannot be used or connected to the Interface Adaptor.

    • iPod third generation (version 2.3 and later)
    • iPod fourth generation (version 3.0.2 and later)
    • iPod photo (version 1.1 and later)
    • iPod mini (version 1.3 and later)
    • iPod nano (version 1.0 and later)


      • Sony BUS-compatible car stereos that were released before October 2005 are not guaranteed to work.
      • Functions of earlier iPod portable player versions are not guaranteed to work.