Article ID : 00256701 / Last Modified : 03/01/2021

How should I cool my Xperia PRO to mitigate heat issues during use?

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    While Endurance mode is set to ON, attach the device to a holder or mount and use the device without holding in your hand. When the surface temperature of the Xperia® Pro raises, the alert message and the Heat caution icon appear on the screen. Please follow the alert message to avoid discomfort.

    To mitigate the temperature rise issues that can occur with high load operations, such as video/movie shooting or continuously transmitting data at a fast speed, we recommend using an external fan for air cooling.


    • Please don't soak the Xperia® PRO in water to cool it down or put cold ice packs on the hot surface of the Xperia PRO. It may cause a malfunction.
    • When attaching the external fans, please consider the location of the antennas to ensure the best 5G mmWave connection.

    Sony doesn't have an official external fan for use with the Xperia PRO, so you will need to use 3rd party equipment. Please be aware that Sony does not warranty or guarantee the performance of any third party's equipment and is not responsible for any damage or reduced performance of your device attributable to the use of third-party equipment