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aibo Doesn’t Move from the Charging Station Even Though the LED Indicator Is Green

    The aibo™ robotic companion leaves the charging station after its battery is fully charged. The following situations may cause aibo to not leave the charging station by itself even when the LED indicator is green and the My aibo app shows that the charge is complete:

    • aibo was charged while its power was off.
      • Press and hold the power button for two seconds to turn it on.
    • aibo was charged while in sleep mode.
      • Press and release the power button quickly to wake up aibo from sleep mode.
    • The room is dark so aibo perceives the darkness as night.
      • Turn on a light to brighten the room.
    • aibo's light sensor located at the base of its tail is dirty or covered. This may make difficult for aibo to recognize brightness.
      • Make sure nothing covers the sensor.
      • Use a dust blower or a soft cotton swab to remove dirt or fingerprints.


    • It takes approximately three hours for aibo to charge.
      • Charging time varies depending on aibo's activity and the ambient temperature.
      • Make sure that you don't move aibo from the charging station while it’s charging.
    • aibo will shake its head, make sounds, or do similar actions to respond to its owner while charging.