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The Status LED on aibo Lights up or Flashes in Red

    The status LED indicates the state or condition of your aibo™ robotic companion.

    Steady Red Light

    This indicates that aibo is in sleep mode. In this state, aibo's movements and voice stop, and then aibo's eyes turn off.

    Flashing Red Light

    If the status LED is lit in green or orange, or flashes in green to indicate the state of the battery, then flashes in red, it means aibo needs help from the owner. To find out what actions to take, or how to manage the problem, follow these steps to check the My aibo app depending on the device in use:

    • Using your smartphone
      1. Launch the My aibo app.
      2. Tap My aibo.
      3. Tap Body.
    • Using your computer
      1. Launch the My aibo app.
      2. Select Body tab.


    • The number of red flashes determines the actions you should take.
    • If you turn on aibo and the status LED light flashes red three times, then turns off, it indicates that the battery is almost empty. Charge aibo then restart it.