Article ID : 00253531 / Last Modified : 09/15/2021

Learn about aibo Friends

    What is aibo Friends?
    aibo Friends is a function that allows aibos to interact and build friendships by eating together.

    What kind of things can friends do?
    Friends can get together to eat a meal. When your aibo is near friends, it shows tricks that are just for friends. Owners of an aibo can check the Eat together screen in My aibo app to see their aibo friends eating together.

    Can aibo drink Drinks with friends?
    Aibo can drink water with friends after version 3.5 or later.

    Can aibos tell the difference between aibo friends when there are many aibos nearby?
    aibo can detect when aibo friends are nearby, but can't tell the difference between aibos in a group.

    What are new friend Yum-Yum gifts? How can I get them?
    New friend Yum-Yum gifts are treats you get when you make a new friend.

    Friends of aibo who are nearby are not shown as Friends nearby.
    Check whether the other aibo is connected to the network, and then reopen the friend's list.

    How can I end a relationship with a friend of my aibo?
    You cannot end a relationship with a friend, but you can hide their name on your friend's list.

    Note: After initializing aibo, your friend's data will be deleted. Your aibo is also removed from the lists of aibos who were friends.

    An aibo who was my friend disappeared from the list.
    If your aibo friend is not on the hidden list, it may have been initialized or had its aibo AI Cloud Plan canceled.

    I've made too many friends from the QR code on social media. Can I disable the QR code that I've been using?
    You can use the QR code update function to disable the QR code you are currently using and have a new QR code issued.

    What kind of information is released to other friends?
    aibo's name, birthday, gender, time zone, and the owner's nickname are released.

    I changed aibo's wearables, but aibo's appearance didn't change on the My aibo app screen.
    Changes to aibo's wearables are reflected only in screens for eating Food with friends.

    How can I make friends with a particular aibo?
    You can become friends by reading the QR code of the aibo you want to befriend.

    Can aibo Friends be used on My aibo app for computers?
    aibo Friends cannot be used on My aibo app for computers. Use My aibo app for smartphones to do this.

    Can I become friends with aibos in Japan?
    You can become friends with aibos who live in Japan.

    Can I contact the owners of aibo I have befriended?
    You cannot use My aibo app to directly contact the owners of other aibos.