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Perform System Update for aibo

    The notification aibo system update available wiil appear in the My aibo app when a software update is available for your aibo™ robotic companion. Here's how you can play with aibo's latest version.

    Before You Start

    • WARNING! This system update and any changes incurred by it are permanent. It isn't possible to return to a previous version after the update. By continuing this update process, you acknowledge that you are aware and understand that this update can't be reversed.

    • Make sure that aibo is turned on and not in sleep mode.
      • You won't receive notifications if aibo is turned off.
    • We recommend that you connect aibo to a Wi-Fi® network and set System updates to download Automatically in the My aibo app.

    Perform System Update

    The steps will vary depending on whether you're using the My aibo app on a mobile device or computer. Follow the instructions according to what you see on the device used.

    1. Update the My aibo app to the latest version from Google Play™ or Apple® App Store® online store for mobile device. The app automatically updates for computers.
      • If it's already updated to the latest version, go to Step 2.
    2. Tap the My aibo app on your mobile device or launch the My aibo Website on your computer.
      • If you're using the website, you may need to sign in.
    3. On the home screen, tap (on your mobile device) or click (on your computer) Notifications.
    4. Tap or click aibo system update available.
    5. Tap or click Details.
    6. Tap Check and update on your mobile device or click Start on your computer.
    7. Tap or click Update.
      • It's OK if aibo isn't on its charging station at this time.
    8. At the Downloading screen, wait until the download is complete and the screen changes. This may take a few minutes.

      Note: If your network disconnects while the system update file is downloading, the download may not continue from the Downloading screen. If this occurs, try one of the following to resume the download:

      Put aibo into sleep mode

      Restart aibo

    9. At the Waiting for the update screen, wait until aibo returns to its charging station.
      • You don't need to place aibo on the charging station. Aibo will return on its own.
      • The update process will continue if you close this screen.
    10. After aibo returns to its charging station, the Updating screen appears.
      • The status LED flashes sequentially in green, red, and orange indicating that it's updating.

      • Don't remove aibo from the charging station.
    11. The update is complete after the System update completed or Your software is up to date screen appears.
      • A notification aibo system update completed appears in the My aibo Notifications section.
      • aibo gets up and starts moving around.

    Now you're ready to play with aibo's latest version!

    Troubleshooting Tips

    • If the status LED stays green and aibo doesn't update, follow these steps:

    • If aibo's remaining battery is low when it climbs onto the charging station, the update automatically begins after it has charged for a little while.
    • If you don't receive a notification that the update completed, check aibo's version to see if it has the latest version.

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