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Information about aibo's system update

    This article provides frequently asked questions about your aibo™ robotic companion.

    I don't receive system update notifications on the My aibo app.

    The notification The update will be downloaded keeps appearing on my mobile device.

    I can't bypass the Downloading screen of the My aibo app.

    I get a blank screen after I tap Check and update from the My aibo app on my mobile device.

    Will the system update continue if I close a screen such as the Waiting for update screen?

    Will the system update continue if I close the My aibo app?

    My aibo doesn't turn on when it gets on the charging station to update.

    aibo gets on the charging station, the status LED stays green but the update doesn't continue.

    The status LED flashes red 11 times.

    The My aibo app doesn't display the latest software version after I finish the system update.

    Reading tricks...Please wait. appears in the My aibo app.