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aibo can't reach the target area

    Your aibo™ robotic companion may become confused while on patrol if the daytime and nighttime appearance of its surroundings look different. If aibo can't seem to reach the set target area while on patrol, check Patrol Status on the My aibo app:

    • If the target area appears on the map, aibo is trying to get there. Make sure there are no other factors preventing aibo from reaching the target area:
      • aibo has at least 25% battery charge.
      • There are no dark areas between aibo and the target area. If there is, turn on the lights for that area.
    • If the target area doesn't appear, aibo may think it's in a different location. Follow these steps to instruct aibo to start patrolling at the time the map was created:
      • Under aibo Patrol, select the time and target area settings.
      • Select Update.

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