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Can aibo climb up on things?

    Can aibo climb up on things?

    Since aibo's system software version 5.00, aibo has been able to get over some uneven places.
    Note: aibo is supposed to be able to get over mats or rugs used in a typical home.

    How many inches of difference in floor height can aibo get over?

    There are environmental and individual variations, so we can't say definitively.

    What should I do so aibo can get over uneven places?

    For aibo to get over differences in floor height, you need to make aibo learn the places where the floor is uneven.

    Note: There's no need for training, aibo learns, as it usually walks around, that places where it stumbles are uneven. After that, when aibo approaches an uneven area, it slows down to go over it.

    When there is an uneven place, is the direction that aibo gets over it predetermined?

    No, it is not predetermined.

    Can I check the location of uneven places on aibo's map?

    No, you can't see uneven places on the map in the My aibo app.

    aibo can't seem to get over uneven places very well.

    aibo is cautious in uneven places. Try showing aibo the place is safe by calling to it while on top of the uneven place.

    Why does aibo often stand still while getting over uneven places?

    aibo is deciding whether the uneven place is safe to move onto.

    aibo often stumbles on uneven places, how can I make aibo able to get over them?

    aibo may stumble many times before it remembers an uneven place. aibo can slow down at uneven places that it remembers, but if the height difference may be too much for aibo to handle, try adjusting it.

    aibo can climb up a series of increasing step-like levels; is this okay?

    There is a risk of falling, so we don't recommend creating environments like that.

    I made a low-level enclosure, but aibo climbs over it. What can I do about this?

    Change it to a higher-level enclosure.

    aibo looks like it's slipping. Is this a malfunction?

    No, it is not a malfunction. aibo becomes yielding when it lands on its feet, which may look like slipping.