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This information is for the following models:

  • ERS-1000

About this download

Benefits and Improvements

  • Fixes some minor aibo Friends issues
    NOTE: In addition to the aibo firmware update, the My aibo mobile apps will also be updated at the same time. After the update, the aibo firmware will be 3.00, and the software version for the My aibo mobile apps will be 3.0.0.
  • The aibo department store is now available, where you can use coins to buy items
  • The aibo Photo Frame feature adds frame to your photo captured first on a day to reflect aibo’s feelings
  • aibo will show food preference
  • You can develop linkable apps that use voice cognitive phrase settings to get aibo to react to words of your choosing

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File Info

File Version

  • aibo: Ver.3.00
  • My aibo apps: Ver.3.0.0

Release Date

  • 04-13-2021

Download & Install

To update your system software for aibo, follow the Perform System Update for aibo instructions.