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This information is for the following models:

  • ERS-1000

About this download

Benefits and Improvements

  • Improves aibo’s ability to walk more attentively and intelligently:
    • Allows aibo to walk with quieter footsteps and turn its body more attentively
    • Allows aibo to climb over small rugs and mats
    • Allows aibo to remember where it got stuck before and to slow down near those places
  • Allows you to select multiple aibo photos and delete them all at once, making it easier to organize your aibo memories
  • Improves aibo’s voice volume setting levels:
    • Allows you to set the volume level of aibo's voice to a lower level using the My aibo app or the aibo volume buttons
    • Adds two additional volume levels, both lower than the previous level 1
    • The volume level corresponding to the old volume level 1 will now be volume level 3
    • The existing volume level will be automatically changed to the new equivalent volume level, meaning no action is needed if you want to keep the old volume level

Note: In addition to the aibo firmware update, the My aibo mobile app will also be updated at the same time. After the update, the aibo firmware will be 5.00, and the software version for the My aibo mobile app will be 5.0.0.

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File Info

File Version

  • aibo: Ver. 5.00

File Size

  • aibo: 952 MB (998 670 474 bytes)

Release Date

  • 03-07-2023

Download & Install

To update your system software for aibo, follow the instructions in the Perform System Update for aibo article.