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I don't see the SIGN UP / LOG IN button in the Sony | Hearing Control app

    If you are unable to see the SIGN UP / LOG IN button, it may be due your screen size and you may be to resolve the issue by changing some settings in your phone menu.

    Note: The Sony|Hearing Control app does not currently support the iPhone® 7, 8, SE 1st generation, and SE 2nd generation. An update is planned for release in late December that will enable support for these devices.

    Perform these steps and then check if the issue is resolved after completing each step.

    1. Adjust the display settings to a smaller size. Select your phone type for details.
      Note: Phone menus will vary. Check your phone operating instructions for model-specific information.
      • iPhone 
      • Android
    2. Restart your phone.
    3. Uninstall the Sony | Hearing Control app and then reinstall it.
    4. Check if the phone has an available software update. If one is available, perform the update and then check if the SIGN UP / LOG IN button is visible.