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Quick Setup for the CRE-E10 Self-fitting OTC hearing aids

    Check out the information below to help set up your CRE-E10 hearing aids. Please follow these steps carefully to ensure the Hearings Aids pair with your device successfully and contact our Product Support team if you need any help.

    Note: If you have the CRE-C10 hearing aids, refer to the Quick Setup for the CRE-C10 Self-fitting OTC hearing aids article.

    Step 1. Unbox your new hearing aids

    Open the box and remove the contents

    Charge the hearing aids

    Step 2. Prepare your phone and check the settings

    To communicate with the hearing aid, the phone sends a high-pitched sound that contains data and instructions. This sound is inaudible to the average person, so it's important to ensure that the sound comes from the phone's speakers.

    This is why it is important to configure specific settings on your phone to set up the OTC Hearing Aids. First, make sure that your phone is fully charged, and then, refer to the How do I change my phone settings for the initial setup of the OTC Hearing Aids article for detailed instructions and illustrations.

    After configuring the settings for your phone type, return to this page and proceed to the next step.

    Step 3. Set up your hearing aids

    This section guides you through the pairing process of the hearing aids with the Sony | Hearing Control app. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure the hearing aids pair with the app successfully.

    Set up the Sony | Hearing Control app

    After you have selected the correct settings on your phone:

    1. Download the Sony | Hearing Control app to your smartphone.

      Get it on Google Play
      Download on the App Store

    2. Before starting the customization process on the app, please do the following:

      Note: For details, with illustrations, refer to the How do I change my phone settings for the initial setup of the OTC Hearing Aids article.

      • Find a quiet place where you are not disturbed by loud sounds.
      • Make sure your phone has a strong internet connection (Wi-Fi® or cellular) throughout this process.
      • If you have not done so, do the following:
        • Unmute your phone and set the media volume to a high level (about 75%).
          • We don't recommend setting the media volume to 100%.
      • For iPhone only: Make sure to check the following:
        • The mute/silent switch on the side of the phone must be set to off.
        • During the setup process, you must set Media Audio Routing to Never Hearing.
          Note: After pairing is complete, change the Audio Routing setting to Never Hearing Devices so your iPhone can communicate with your hearing aids through the iPhone speaker. This setting is required during the initial setup and for Loudness adjustments and Fine Tuning later.
    3. Perform the customization process on the Sony | Hearing Control app. You must complete all the steps in the app carefully to set up and use the hearing aids. The app will guide you through the process, which will take about 10 minutes.

      Watch the video

    Other important information

    Wearing the hearing aids

    Find the correct click sleeve size

    How to make adjustments to your hearing aids using the Sony | Hearing Control app

    Troubleshooting tips

    If the hearing aids fail to pair with the Hearing Control app, check the following and then perform the setup process again:

    • Double-check the media playback volume, and make sure it is set to 75% or higher.
    • Make sure any earbuds, headphones, speakers, or other devices connected to your phone are disconnected from the phone or Bluetooth.
    • If the phone uses surround sound or any other audio enhancement processing, disable the setting.
    • Sometimes , other apps will interfere with the sound needed for programming. If this happens, close all apps running in the background of your phone, including the hearing control app.
    • Move to a quieter environment.

    Note: If you still have issues setting up your hearing aids, please contact us for assistance.