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OTC Hearing Aids: Change and clean the click sleeves

    If you don't hear well from one or both OTC hearing aids, the click sleeves may be clogged with wax.

    For daily cleaning:

    • Click sleeves can be left on the hearing aid and wiped with a cleaning cloth or brush.
    • Make sure the little holes at the tip of the click sleeve are clear of debris.
    • You don't need to discard the click sleeves daily.
    • Avoid wet cleaning wipes and liquids of any kind.

    For more advanced cleaning:

    • Click sleeves can also be removed for more advanced cleaning.
    • Gently remove the click sleeve by pinching and pulling the click sleeve away from the hearing aid.
    • Use the cleaning cloth or brush to wipe areas of the hearing aid and the click sleeve. You can gently squeeze the click sleeve or scrape with a fingernail to remove wax.
    • Re-attach the click sleeve once complete.

    Discarding a click sleeve:

    • Click sleeves should be discarded periodically if there is excess wax accumulation or if it appears worn.
    • How often you change the click sleeve will depend on how much wax you produce and how much wear and tear the click sleeve receives.
    • It is recommended you change these at least every three months.
    • Gently remove the click sleeve by pinching and pulling the click sleeve away from the hearing aid. Re-attach a new click sleeve once complete. These can be purchased from Sony in the size of your choice.
    • The old click sleeve should be discarded after replacing it with a new click sleeve.

    Please reference the pictures below for proper click sleeve orientation. For the CRE-C10 and the CRE-E10, the small tab on the click sleeve should be positioned toward the side of the hearing aid.


    A white mark on the side of the CRE-C10 shows where this tab should be aligned. The CRE-E10 doesn't have this white line on the hearing aid itself. For the CRE-E10, align the tab on the side of the hearing aid in line with the microphones.

    Additional click sleeves can be purchased from Sony

    Purchase CRE-C10 Click Sleeves: Sony Vented Sleeves, Medium for OTC Hearing Aids | CRES1VM

    Purchase CRE-E10 Click Sleeves: Sony Closed Sleeves, Large for OTC Hearing Aids | CRE-S1CL

    Please see our videos for more information: