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How to wear the Smart B-trainer sport device.

    The sport device comes with different size attachments to provide a right fit for different users. As the shape of ears is different for each person, the sport device may not fit properly or may not measure your heart rate correctly out-of-the-box. Please refer to the following information to properly wear the sport device and enjoy the services of the Smart B-Trainer.

    How to properly wear the sport device:

    1. Check the direction of the sport device making sure that it wraps around the back of your ears.
      Step 1
    2. Make sure that the sensor on the earpiece fits firmly in the ear facing the ear canal.
      Step 2
    3. Adjust the sensor so that it reaches the bottom of the ear and turn the sport device while lightly pressing it.
      Step 3
    4. Look in a mirror and check if it is fit correctly. If it is fit correctly, the headphone of the sport device should be horizontal to the floor when standing straight.
      Step 4

    To determine if the sport device is fit properly open the Sports B-trainer app and make sure that a heart rate is being recorded.
    heart rate

    Your heart rate cannot be properly measured if the heart rate sensor of the sport device is not touching your ear canal. Consider changing the fitting and re-adjusting the sport device.