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What are the Training plan functions of the Smart B-Trainer and the B-Trainer app?

    Training plan capabilities:

    • By connecting the device with the dedicated B-Trainer™ app on a  compatible mobile device,  you can set and manage training plans to suit your goals.
    • Transfer the training plan that you have set from your mobile device to the Smart B-Trainer™ sports device, and you can train with just the device, without having to carry your mobile device.

    Device-only capabilities:

    • Starting your training
    • Switching between device and audio on the mobile device
    • Listening to information on training plans
    • Recording audio (a voice memo) during training
    • Changing the intensity of your training plan

    NOTE: The items above can also be operated by the B-Trainer app on your mobile device.

    Capabilities using the B-Trainer app on your mobile device:

    • Switching the language of information on training plans
    • Changing the length of audio recordings (voice memos) on a training plan
    • Playing an audio recording (voice memo) on a training plan

    NOTE: The list above shows the basic training capabilities of the B-Trainer app. The app has various other capabilities. We recommend downloading the app to get more familiar with the available features and capabilities.