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Update the Software on the Neckband Wearable Device

    Software updates are available from the Drivers and Software page.

    Install the Software

    1. Download the file to your computer.

      Note: Don't unzip the file.

    2. Power on your device.
    3. Confirm battery charge level is at least 50%.


      • Use the audio query Listen up Nigel. Battery Level?
      • You will hear the message Charge your device to start software update if your device doesn't have sufficient charge.

    4. Connect the supplied micro-USB cable to your device, and then connect the other end to the computer.

      hook up

    5. Drag file to the root folder of the FL-N01.

      Note: It takes up to a minute to transfer the file.

    6. Disconnect your device from the computer.
    7. Press and hold the Voice Input button and Custom button simultaneously for ten seconds until it vibrates and the LED changes color.


    8. The system update starts.
    9. The Indicator Light (LED) will blink initially red, then blue, then green. After 5-10 minutes, your device will automatically restart, and then announce Update successful.