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Tiny Black or Bright Pixels Appear on My Computer Monitor

    We use high-precision technology to manufacture durable LCD monitors.

    In all LCD panels, regardless of the manufacturer, there's a chance that a small number of pixels don't change color. This is normal for all LCD displays from all manufacturers. Most defects are noticeable only when the computer boots up or if it displays an all white or all black screen. They shouldn't be noticeable under normal operation.

    Because a defective pixel or pixels is normal on all LCD screens, there is a high chance that a replacement LCD may also have them. It could have more defective pixels or the pixels may appear in a more noticeable position than on the one it replaced.


    • Some pixels appear dead or defective if there is debris on the screen. Clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth to confirm if the issue is due to defective pixels or debris.
    • The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) contains over 480,000 picture elements (pixels) for a Super Video Graphics Array (SVGA) display and over 780,000 pixels for an Extended Graphics Array (XGA) display.

    Sometimes dead or defective pixels will correct themselves over time. However, if you feel that the number of defective pixels isn't acceptable, an authorized service technician needs to evaluate the LCD screen.  Go to Product Repair.