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The computer boots to a Windows Error Recovery screen.

    When attempting to load the Windows Vista® operating system, you may receive a Windows Error Recovery: Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix this problem insert your windows installation disc and choose Repair your computer message.

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    To resolve the error, follow this procedure to perform a system restore using the VAIO Recovery Center.

    1. Close all open programs and turn off the computer.
    2. Disconnect all network connections.
    3. Disconnect all peripheral devices.
    4. Turn on the computer.
    5. When the VAIO screen is displayed, press the F8 key.
    6. At the Advanced Boot Options screen, ensure Repair Your Computer is selected and press the ENTER key.
    7. In the System Recovery Options window, under Select a keyboard layout, click the Next button.
    8. Under To access recovery options, next to User name, click the down arrow, and click to select an account with Administrator rights.
    9. Next to Password, type the appropriate password for this account.
    10. Click the OK button.
    11. Under Choose a recovery tool, click to select System Restore .

    NOTES: This is a description of each option available in the VAIO Recovery Center.

    • The Startup Repair option can automatically resolve certain issues that can prevent the operating system from starting.
    • System Restore can return the computer to a previous configuration of the operating system when it was working properly.
    • Windows Complete PC Restore will restore a previous backup of the computer created using the Windows Backup and Restore Center .
    • The Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool can determine if any problems being experienced are caused by issues with the computer's memory.
    • The option to open a Command Prompt can be used by advanced users and technical support personnel to perform troubleshooting on the hard drive or the operating system.
    • Clicking VAIO Recovery Center will launch VAIO Recovery Center from the Recovery Disc.