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How to connect a wireless printer to an access point or wireless router.

    Most wireless printers have an LCD display, navigation buttons, and an alpha-numeric keypad that are used to configure the printer so it can connect to your wireless network. The first step in setting up your computer to access a wireless printer is connecting the printer to the network. Use the following procedure to configure this connection:


    • The following steps and images are specific to an Epson® WorkForce 610 wireless printer, but most brands and models have similar menus and configuration instructions.
    • For model-specific information about configuring other wireless printers refer to the manufacturer's instructions in the user guide or Web site.


    Here is an image of the LCD display, navigation buttons and alpha-numeric keypad:

    1. Navigate to the Setup menu. Image
    2. Navigate to Network Settings. Image
    3. Navigate to Wireless LAN Setup. Image
    4. Navigate to Wireless Setup Wizard. Image
    5. Select the network name (SSID) of your wireless access point or router.

      NOTE: If your wireless access point or router is not displayed in the list, troubleshoot the issue.

    6. Enter the security key (also called a passkey, network key or password).


      • If your wireless router does not have a security key, you will not be prompted for one and this screen will not be displayed.
      • WEP and WPA security keys are case sensitive.
      • For information about how to use the navigation buttons to enter the security key, refer to the user guide for the printer.
    7. Confirm the network settings and select OK. Image
    8. The printer is now connected to your wireless network as indicated by an icon on the display.

      NOTE: It may take up to 2 minutes after confirming the network settings for the printer to show it is connected.

    9. Now that the printer is connected to the network, the next step is to connect the computer to the printer .