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How to determine the memory configuration and upgrade options on a notebook computer.

    Follow these steps if you want to upgrade the RAM memory but are not sure about the current memory configuration within the computer.

    1. Restart computer and access the BIOS .
    2. In the BIOS screen, under System Memory, note the current RAM (Random Access Memory) configuration.
    3. Compare the RAM configuration information in the BIOS to the computer Marketing Specifications, with the BIOS information telling you how much RAM your computer has now versus the Marketing Specifications which will tell you how much RAM the computer will support. Manuals are posted on your model support page.


    • Models that were ordered with a customized configuration (CTO models) may not have system specifications that match the current configuration in BIOS. Consult the Bill of Material (BOM) or Purchase Receipt that came with the computer for details regarding the memory configuration for your customized computer.
    • Some models come with memory modules installed (soldered) on the motherboard. Memory modules installed on the motherboard cannot be removed or changed. Computers that have memory modules installed on the motherboard sometimes have a second memory slot that can be accessed that will allow you to upgrade the RAM.
    • The location of the memory slots, as well as instructions on how remove and install memory modules can be found in the Users Guide that came with your computer. Manuals are posted on your model support page.