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Important Information About Using a MicroSD Compatible Walkman Player

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Check your manual for model-specific information.

General Information

  • Format MicroSD™ cards with the Walkman® player only.
    • MicroSD card operations aren't guaranteed if you format the MicroSD card on a device other than the Walkman player, such as a computer.
  • MicroSD cards up to 128GB are compatible. Using a higher capacity memory card may work, but isn't guaranteed.
  • The Walkman uses the built-in storage out of the box.
    • Depending on the model or software version of your Walkman player, you can switch the memory to be used while the Walkman player is connected to a computer.
    • You can confirm the capacity of the MicroSD card switching the memory storage to SD Card using the following software:
      • Windows® OS: Media Go™ or Windows® Explorer.
      • Mac® OS: Content Transfer for Mac OS or Mac Finder.

Inserting or Removing MicroSD Cards

WARNING! There is a risk of data loss when inserting or removing MicroSD cards.

Select Insert/Remove SD Card before inserting or removing a card. If your Walkman player doesn't have an Insert/Remove SD Card option, insert the card without changing the status.

  • Inserting a MicroSD card resets the following information:
    • The current song and the elapsed time
    • The elapsed time of each video
  • Removing a MicroSD card resets:
    • Bookmarks
    • Alarm settings
    • The results of analysis by SensMe Channels
    • The current song and the elapsed time
    • The elapsed time of each video

Transferring Songs and Videos to a MicroSD Card

  • You can't transfer songs and video between the built-in storage and a MicroSD card on your Walkman player.
  • You can't transfer songs and videos with copyright protection to a MicroSD card.
  • To transfer music content to a MicroSD card, select SD Card as the memory storage. Check the manual for model-specific information.
  • If you transfer the same song or video to both the built-in storage and the MicroSD card, selecting All songs will list the song or video twice.
  • Transfer a playlist to the same memory storage where the tracks or songs in the playlist are stored.
    • The Walkman player recognizes the built-in storage and the microSD card as separate memories. Copying the playlist to a location different from the location of the song or video will create a duplicate of the song or video.