Article ID : 00228651 / Last Modified : 07/02/2019

Delete the Bluetooth device information on your playback device or initialize the speaker

    Delete the Bluetooth® device information of your playback device

    Initialize the speaker

    WARNING! Performing this step will reset all settings in the speaker and deletes all pairing and device information.

    If model-specific information is required to complete this step, check your manual.

    1. Turn on the speaker.
    2. Press and hold the - (volume) and Power button(power)/ Pairing button PAIRING buttons simultaneously for more than five seconds.

      Initialize the speaker

      • The speaker will turn off when the initialization is complete.
      • The image used is of the SRS-XB22 wireless speaker.
    3. Turn the speaker on and check the status of the Bluetooth indicator

      Bluetooth indicator status

    What's the status of Bluetooth indicator?


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