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Sound is coming out from one speaker only after setting up the Wireless Stereo function of the SRS-ZR5.

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If sound is only coming out from one speaker, the speakers may not have the latest firmware version. Cancel the Wireless Stereo function and then update both speakers to the latest firmware.

To cancel the Wireless Stereo function, follow the steps in this section.

NOTE: While using the Wireless Stereo function, other functions such as the Wireless Multi-room function, Wireless Surround function are not available.

  1. Press and hold the SET UP button on the speaker until a beep is heard.

    Set up button

  2. The L/R indicators turn off, and the Wireless Stereo function is canceled. Then, the grouping is also canceled.

    L/R Indicator

NOTE: Refer to this link for more information on Updating the pre-installed software.