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The optional wireless remote control does not work with the camera.

    NOTE: For additional information regarding any of the features or settings discussed in this solution, refer to the supplied operations manual. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    The following are reasons on why the optional wireless remote control will not work the camera:

    • The camera is turned off. Make sure the camera is turned on.
    • The wireless remote has no battery. Make sure the battery is inserted in the wireless remote.
    • The Drive Mode setting is not set properly. Make sure that the Drive Mode setting is set to Remote Cdr. by either using the wheel or changing the setting from the menu.
    • The remote sensor is exposed to strong light. Prevent the remote sensor from being exposed to strong light such as direct sunlight or illuminations.
    • The remote sensor is blocked. Operate the wireless remote commander from the position where the remote sensor is not blocked by the lens or hood.
    • The functions listed below are enabled. Turn off or disable these functions before trying to use the remote control.
      • Hand-held Night Shot in Scene Selection
      • Anti Motion Blur
      • Sweep Panorama
      • Auto HDR