• Weight

        Remote key pad: 0.54 oz, Bluetooth® adapter: 1.48 oz

      • Dimensions (W x H x D)

        Remote key pad: Φ 54.0 x 32.6 mm, Bluetooth® adapter: 0.16" x 0.12" x 0.04"

      • Indicators

        Blue LED for Bluetooth®, white LED for mode indication (both on the Bluetooth adapter)

      • Design

        Remote key pad: adjustable slanted holder

      • Sensors

        IR (SIRCS)

      • Input and Output Terminals

        micro USB (for power supply), audio out, and external microphone input

      • Bluetooth

        Bluetooth® 3.0

      • NFC


      • Compatible OS and Vehicle

        Android and iOS (Siri Applicable iOS only), Automobiles with AUX in

    • Micro USB cable, Stereo Mini audio cable, double-sided tape, and instruction manual