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The search box won't appear on certain screens when pressing the microphone button on my remote

    The voice recognition feature of your TV cannot be used in all circumstances and the search bar will not appear when pressing the microphone button on your remote. It's normal that voice recognition does not work when you're in certain TV menus, setup screens, and legal or license screens. See the following examples:

    Note: These examples are for various models, your TV options may vary and certain screens and features may change in the future.

    Examples where the voice recognition function will not work

    • In the contents of the Help Guide (when focused away from the header) (2015 and 2016 models)
    • Sony Legal screen
    • Login screen of PlayMemories Online in Album, and Help screen of PlayMemories Online in Album setting
    • PS Video screen (2015 and 2016 models)
    • SONY ID screen for Sony account registration (2015 and 2016 models)
    • NetAD screen (launched from DUX)
    • NetAD screen (launched from Sony Select)
    • PS Now Store screen (2015 and 2016 models)
    • Action menu screen
    • Discover screen
    • During the initial setup (2015 and 2016 models)
    • During initial setup (except by selecting Home > Settings > Initial setup (2017 models)
    • Google Privacy Policy screen
    • Google Open Source Licenses screens
    • Google Terms of Service screens
    • System WebView licenses screens (2017 models)
    • Casting YouTube screen (2015 and 2016 models)

    Note: It's normal that the voice recognition will not function for certain situations, make sure you're not in a setup screen, certain menus, and legal or license screens, then try returning to the Home menu to check the voice recognition and search function.

    To troubleshoot other issues using the voice commands from your remote, check the article Voice commands don't work on my remote control.