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The display on the A/V receiver displays LPCM or stereo instead of Dolby or DTS.

    This may occur when an external source like a cable box, satellite receiver, PlayStation®3 (PS3®) game console or a Blu-ray Disc® (BD) player is connected to the A/V receiver using HDMI® cable and the HDMI Audio Output setting on the A/V receiver is not set properly.

    IMPORTANT: Prior to following the steps in this solution, using the menu of the connected device, go to the audio output setting and make sure that the Dolby® surround setting and the DTS™ audio settings are selected. Sony BD players also require that the BD Audio setting or BD Audio Mix setting be set.

    Follow these steps to set the HDMI Audio Output on the A/V receiver to AMP:

    1. Press the AMP MENU button.

      NOTE: If nothing happens when the AMP Menu button is pressed, press the GUI button on the remote repeatedly until OFF is displayed and press AMP MENU again.

    2. Press the down arrow button repeatedly until HDMI is displayed.
    3. Press the right arrow button until CTRL HDMI is displayed.
    4. Press the down arrow button until AUDIO OUT is displayed.
    5. Press the right arrow button and make sure its set to AMP only instead of TV+AMP.

    NOTE: Some cable boxes or satellite receivers cannot output Dolby or DTS using an HDMI cable. In this case, use a Digital Optical cable or Digital Coaxial cable to connect the device to the A/V receiver. Refer to the instructions manual of your cable box or satellite receiver for more model-specific information.