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What is BRAVIA help?

    BRAVIA Help uses tiles or tabs that provide quick access to different support content which includes tips on how to use your TV and troubleshoot issues.

    There are two versions of the BRAVIA Help. Depending on your TV, you will either see the old version with Help Tiles or the new version with the Help Screen. If your TV doesn't have the new version, and it is supported, it will be included as part of a future firmware update.

    This article explains the layout of the new version with the Help screen.

    Note: BRAVIA Help isn't available on all TVs.

    BRAVIA Help tiles - older version
    BRAVIA Help Screen - newer version

    How do I use the new BRAVIA Help?

    Your TV must be connected to the internet, and updated to the latest firmware version.

    On your remote control, find and press the HELP button. The location may vary depending on the TV model.
    Remote control

    Search function

    A great place to start is the Search function. You can use voice commands or the on-screen keyboard to enter keywords.
    Search function Bravia help

    Support information

    Provides quick acces to support information related to your TV. The page is divided into sections. Click the Show more button to display additional content.

    • Popular Topics
    • Important information like Product Alerts and news about your television
    • A list of Questions & Answers (Q&A) applicable to your television

    Bravia Smarthelp

    Manual (Help Guide)

    The Help Guide contains several chapters on settings and options.and basic troubleshooting. There's a surprising amount of information in the Help Guide if you want to explore all the possibilities of your TV.

    Status & Diagnostics

    Check the serial number, system and network status, and perform signal diagnostics.

    We hope that you find the enhanced BRAVIA Help function useful and invite you to visit BRAVIA Help regularly!