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Adjust only the voice volume using the Voice Zoom feature

    Have you ever had an experience where it is hard to hear the voice of the commentator during a football game? In such a case, you can adjust the volume of the voice and ambient audio using the Voice Zoom function:

    • Raise the level: The voice is raised, and the ambient audio is lowered. This allows you to raise only the voice of the commentator.
    • Lower the level: The voice (voice of the commentator, etc.) is lowered, and the ambient audio is raised. Cheering will be more emphasized, and the excitement of the game rises.

    The method to achieve these outcomes varies depending on your TV.

    Note: The Voice Zoom function may not be equipped, depending on the model.

    1. Open the Settings screen.
      How to access Settings
      • If the remote control has a Quick Settings (spanner or gear) button, press the Quick Settings button and select Settings
      • If the remote control does not have a Quick Settings (spanner or gear) button, press the HOME button and select Settings
    2. The next steps will depend on your TV menu options:
      • Select Display & SoundPicture & SoundSound (TV speakers)Voice Zoom.
      • Select Display & Sound SoundSound customizationVoice Zoom.
      • Select SoundSound adjustment or SoundVoice Zoom.
    3. On the remote control, press the ← / → (right/left) button to adjust the sound level.