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Headphones - Headphone cable

    Connecting headphones with a wired

    Note: You can purchase an extension cable if the supplied headphone cable isn't long enough.

    Connect the headphones to your TV

    Insert the headphone cable into the AUDIO OUT / port at the back of the TV.
    Note: The location and label of the headphones jack of your TV may differ depending on the model. Check your device manual for model-specific information. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    E.g. Back view of KD-49XG9005

    Examples of terminal positions
    • [A]: AUDIO OUT / (headphones) terminal
    • [B]: Headphone cable

    • Note: Use a 3-pole stereo mini plug when connecting your headphones to the TV.

    Are the headphones properly connected?

    After you insert the headphone cable into the headphone jack, a message indicating that headphones are connected will appear at the bottom of the TV screen.
    Note: Some TV models do not display the prompt messages.

    Check if audio from a TV program or input device is heard from the headphones.