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Supported languages for the command list with Voice Hints

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    Say "Voice Hints" to open a list of commands for controlling your TV. As of December 2021, the following languages are supported:

    LanguageActivation phrase
    English (United States)Voice hints
    English (Canada)Voice hints
    English (United Kingdom)Voice hints
    English (Australia)Voice hints
    English (India)Voice hints
    Français (France)Amène-moi sur le guide audio
    Français (Canada)Contrôle vocal
    Deutsch (Deutschland)Hinweise zur spracherkennung
    Español (España)Pistas de voz
    Español (Estados Unidos)Muéstrame las pistas de voz
    Español (México)Muéstrame las pistas de voz
    Italiano (Italia)Menù aiuto


    For details on using the Voice Hints commands, refer to the Voice Hints - How to control my TV using my voice article.