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The TV is set to Game mode when a PlayStation 5 (PS5) is connected

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    When the PlayStation® 5 is connected to your Android TV™ or Google TV™, the Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) function is engaged, and the TV will automatically switch the Content type or Picture mode to Game mode and keep it in Game mode until the ALLM function is disabled.

    • Change the HDMI signal format on the TV:
      • For the A95L series: Change the HDMI signal format/VRR to Standard format with the VRR setting turned off:
      • For other TVs (only VRR available models): Change the HDMI signal format on the TV to something other than Enhanced Format(VRR):
    • If you want to see ALLM applied PS5 content and adjust brightness or picture parameters:
      1. On the TV remote control, press the Quick Settings ( or ) button.
      2. Select Picture & Sound or Picture settings, then you can adjust the parameters while Content type or Picture mode is set to Game.
        Note: Once ALLM is disabled on PS5, the Content type or picture mode setting of the TV will return to normal mode (Standard, Video/Images, etc). There will no longer be a restriction to Game mode.
    • If you want to see PS5 content without ALLM, Update PS5 System Software to the latest version (later than the July 7th, 2022 update). After this update, you can change the ALLM setting on the PS5 to OFF by going to the PS5 SettingScreen and VideoVideo OutputALLM.
      • For information on the PlayStation® System Software Update, refer to the PS5 support page.
      • If you change the ALLM setting of the PS5 to OFF, you can change the Picture mode of the BRAVIA TV to something other than Game while viewing PS5 content.