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How do I remove the table-top stand from my TV?

    This information is provided to help you when it is difficult to remove the table-top stands in order to change the height and position of the table-top stand, mount the TV on a wall, or re-box the TV.

    Note: This information is only for the following 2021 model series:

    • X90J_X91J_X92J_X93J_X94J (50”/55”/65”/75”)
    • X85J_X86J_X89J (43”/50”/55”/65”/75”/85”)
    • X79J_X80J_X81J_X82J (43”/50”/55”/65”/75”)



    Before you start

    • Three or more people are required to handle the TV to detach the stands.
    • A standard flat-head screwdriver is required to detach the stand. It's recommended to add tape to the tip of screwdriver to prevent scratching the TV.

    • Avoid the use of excessive force while detaching the table-top stands from the TV as it may cause the TV to fall resulting in personal injury or physical damage to the TV.
    • As you detach the table-top stands, be careful when lifting the TV because the table-top stand may fall and cause injury or damage to the surface that the TV is sitting on.
    • If you are mounting the TV on a wall, make sure all mounting hardware is installed on the back of the TV and the wall prior to removing the stands.

    Instructions to remove the stand

    Instructions are provided to remove the table-top stand from an upright position or when lying face down. Follow the instructions for the desired method.

    Remove the stands with the TV in an upright position

    Remove the stands with the TV on a flat surface (43”/50” only)

    Note: Be sure to store the removed stands in a safe place in case you want to use the TV on a table in the future. The table-top stands cannot be purchased separately.