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How do I install apps on an Android TV or Google TV?


    • You can only download apps compatible with your TV, and they may differ from apps for mobile devices. The Google Play on the Android TV™ or Search for apps on the Google TV™, only display apps that are supported by the TV. To see if apps are or can be installed on the TV, refer to the following:
      For Android TV and Google TV: Which apps can be installed on my Android TV or Google TV?
      For other than Android TV: Checking all of the apps in the TV
    • An Internet connection and Google™ Account are required to install apps.
    • If you do not have a Google Account or want to create a shared account, create a new account by accessing the Google homepage. We recommend that you create a Google Account on a computer or mobile device.
    • About paid apps: There are free apps and paid apps. To purchase a paid app requires a prepaid Google Play gift card code or credit card information. You can purchase a Google Play gift card from various retailers.

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