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My TV has lines on the screen, blurred picture, double images, or odd colors

    Your TV may experience a video issue for several reasons, including connection issues, screen adjustments, video source performance, electrical interference, power conditions, and more. This information and the troubleshooting steps are provided to help you identify and resolve the issue you're experiencing.

    Note: If you have a J or K series TV and your TV has a vertical line or double image while streaming content, refer to this article instead.

    Select the issue you're experiencing with your TV for troubleshooting steps and information:

    Blank screen or No display (with/without audio)

    Lines on the screen (vertical or horizontal lines, bands)

    Blurred, hazy, or dull screen

    Double or ghost images

    Abnormal screen, bright spots, or cloudy

    Contrast issues (too bright or dark)

    Gray screen

    Odd colors on the screen (solarization, no color, faded, intermixing, or spreading of color)

    Other symptoms