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Picture noise occurs on my Android TV or Google TV screen when I watch videos with dark scenes

    The picture noise may have been produced during the recording of the video or image. This type of noise may happen when a camera with a high-resolution setting records a scene at night or in the dark.

    To improve this condition, adjust the following settings on your Android TV™ or Google TV™ device:

    1. Open the Settings screen according to your TV remote options:
      • If the remote control has a Quick Settings (spanner or gear) button, press the Quick Settings button and select Settings.
      • If the remote control does not have a Quick Settings (spanner or gear) button, press the HOME button and select Settings.
    2. The next steps depend on your TV menu options:
      • Select Display & SoundPicture & SoundPicture Clarity.
      • Select Display & SoundPictureClarity.
      • Select Display & SoundPictureAdvanced settingsClarity.
      • Select DisplayPictureAdvanced settingsClarity.
    3. Perform the following adjustments:
      • Decrease Sharpness to 50.
      • Change Reality Creation from Auto to Manual, then decrease the Resolution value.
      • Change Random noise reduction from Auto to High.

        Note: For some video sources, noise may still appear even after changing the Random noise reduction setting from Auto to High. In this case, set the Random noise reduction to Off.

      • Change Digital noise reduction from Auto to High.