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Android TV Home screen update

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    The Android TV™ Home screen is updated automatically for targeted models that are connected to the network and have a Google account set up.

    Note: The notification message is displayed on the Home screen. Select the Details button on the screen to see more information.

    Affected models

    • 2020 models: Z8H, A9S, A8H, X950H, X900H, X750H series
    • 2019 models: Z9G, A9G, A8G, X950G, X850G, X800G series
    • 2018 models: A9F, Z9F, A8F, X900F, X850F, X830F, X78F, X75F series
    • 2017 models: A1E, X940E, X930E, X900E, X850E, X800E series
    • 2016 models: Z9D, X800D, X750D, X700D series

    Home screen changes overview

    Tab based navigation is added to the Home screen, creating a new interface with a dedicated space for recommendations. The tab types include Home, Discover, and Apps.

    Home tab

    The Home screen remains basically the same except removing the row of icons down the left side for consistency across tabs. Press the HOME button on your TV remote to open the Home tab.

    Discover tab

    Recommended titles are organized by topic or theme, based on your watch history, interests, and new trends.

    Apps tab

    The existing Apps view will change to a tab-based experience, helping you to find your apps more easily and show user installed apps. The Google Play Store app is still used to access or download more apps. If your TV remote has the APPS button, pressing this button will open the Apps tab.



    • This feature is already available in the US region.
    • The Highlights feature cannot be hidden.

    Highlights at the top of the Home screen show a mix of staff picks and sponsored content. Media & entertainment content only. You can click and select content from Highlights.

    A: Highlights (top area of the Home screen)

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