Article ID : 00232300 / Last Modified : 09/25/2019

Live streaming is pausing on my Android TV

    In order to stream live content, such as Hulu® Live or Sling™ TV etc., on an Android TV™, a stable internet connection is required. At minimum, the internet download speed should be greater than 15Mbps for 4K streaming. 25 Mbps is recommended by companies such as Netflix® services. Some internet service providers (ISPs) deliver content in large data bursts that may not be suitable for live content streaming despite the large bandwidth.

    • If you have a Netflix subscription, you may monitor stability (over time in real-time) of your connection to the internet. On your TV remote, press the Display button while streaming any on-demand content from Netflix. In case your connection bandwidth fluctuates for on-demand content, it is highly likely you will see real-time live content delivery issues like pausing, content interruption, etc.
    • Make sure you have sufficient internal storage to store on-demand and real-time content data. To do that, go to: Settings → Storage&Reset → Internal shared storage.
      • Confirm the storage size available is 3 - 5 Gbytes.
      • The more apps installed affects the storage capacity.
      • Real-time live streaming uses less memory to store data, but it needs to be constantly replenished as opposed to the on-demand streaming that is delivered less frequently, but in larger data packets.
    • If Sling Live TV displays an error message like 1-1xx (examples: 1-100, 104, etc) on your TV, visit the Sling Help site for troubleshooting steps that may help you resolve your issue.