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What is DTS X or Dolby Atmos Audio Format?

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    What is DTS® X?

    • Object-based audio codec that lets you manually adjust sound objects to create a multi-dimensional sound that moves around like it would in real life.
    • No official requirements for the number of speakers or their locations in your room. Just arrange your speaker system to best fit your space. Then let the receiver's auto-calibration and object-based surround processor sort out the details. It willl determine where to best send dialogue and sound effects.
    • Additional information regarding DTS X is available.

    What is Dolby Atmos® Audio Format?

    • Dolby Laboratories developed this object and channel based hybrid sound format.
    • Capable of reproducing ten bed channels and 128 objects through 64 individual speakers in order to pan sound around and through an auditorium.
    • Allows the recreation of effects such as thunder and flyover using the ceiling channels as well as pin point effects such as bumps or bullets using objects.
    • Additional information about Dolby Atmos is available.

    Requirements for DTS X or Dolby Atmos Formats

    • A movie or video that has been recorded using either DTS X format or Dolby Atmos format.
    • An audio receiver or home theater system that supports the DTS X format or Dolby Atmos format.