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The screen is blank and I'm unable to access the Netflix app

    Your Netflix app screen may be blank for several reasons, each of these steps may provide a possible solution, check to see if the Netflix app works after each step are performed.

    Note: If you're experiencing a black or blank screen, information is also available from the Netflix Help Center articles:

    Network connection and internet performance

    It's important that you have a good network connection and internet performance to stream Netflix content.

    • Check your other streaming services to verify the internet connection to your device is working properly.
    • Power reset your internet equipment (modem/router):
    • Ensure your internet connection speed meets or exceeds the Netflix recommendations .
    • Perform a power reset or restart your streaming device:
    • If your device is using a Wi-Fi® connection, try improving your connection by moving the Wi-Fi router and streaming device closer together.
    • If your Wi-Fi connection isn't satisfactory, try connecting directly to your device using an Ethernet cable.

    For additional information and suggestions, review the tips to maximize network and internet performance in your home.

    Additional troubleshooting