Article ID : 00019018 / Last Modified : 09/13/2019

How to download and install an app

    IMPORTANT: You need a Google® account to purchase and download apps to your Sony® Internet TV device.

    1. Turn on the Internet TV device.
    2. On the keypad remote control, press the HOME button to display the Home Bar.
    3. Press the right arrow button to select the Google Play Store (formerly called Market) icon.
    4. Press the ENTER button.
    5. Use the arrow buttons to select one of the listed apps on the Google Play Store screen or select VIEW ALL to display other apps.

      NOTE:  If you are looking for a particular application you can select the Search option and type in the name of the app.

    6. Press the ENTER button.

      NOTE:  An Overview screen for the app is displayed and an INSTALL button will be selected.

    7. Press the ENTER button to begin the installation process.

      NOTE:  The Allow access screen displays and another Install button will be selected.

    8. Press the ENTER button again to confirm you want to proceed with the installation.

      IMPORTANT: If you selected an app that requires purchase you will be requested to provide payment information, such as a credit card number, at this time.

      NOTE:  A brief series of messages appear on the TV screen indicating the progress of the installation.

    9. After the Application successfully Installed message displays, select Open or Done.
      • Selecting Open immediately opens the app for use.
      • Selecting Done does not open the app at this time. It can be opened later from the All Apps icon in the Home Bar.
    10. Press the ENTER button.