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How much storage is available on my TV and how to free up some space

    Your TV stores data types, such as recently used apps, cache, and data or software update information. As a result, you don’t have to wait for apps to load when you switch between them and can resume watching your series where you left off. Unfortunately, every TV has a finite amount of memory. Follow these steps to clear the storage space (memory) on your TV.

    How much storage is available on my Sony Google TV™ or Android TV™?

    Your Sony TV has a predefined amount of built-in storage; however, the available capacity will vary depending on the OS and installed software requirements.

    Depending on your TV model, you might be able to see how much space your apps, videos, or images are currently consuming by following the steps below on the TV itself (steps might vary):

    1. On your TV remote control, press the HOME or Quick Settings ( or ) button, depending on the model.
    2. The following steps will depend on your TV model:
      • Select SettingsSystemStorageInternal storage.
      • Select SettingsStorage & ResetStorage or Internal Shared StorageAvailable.

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    How to free up TV memory on your Sony TV

    Here are some ways in which you can free up TV memory:

    1. Manage TV apps (e.g., uninstall unused TV apps, close unused apps running in the background, clear cache and app data)
    2. Free up TV memory by moving content to an external storage device (e.g., a USB drive)
    3. Reset your TV to factory settings.

    Manage TV apps

    If you have apps or games on your TV that you no longer use, remove them to clear memory and make space for new content.

    If you're experiencing issues with a particular app, clearing the cache or clearing the app data is an excellent way to start troubleshooting. Clearing your cache means deleting temporary data (e.g., thumbnails or your preferred YouTube™ videos). Clearing the app data means removing all your app settings and returning it to its original installation state.

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    How to add more storage and move TV apps to a USB storage device (except XBR X90H series and Google TV models)

    Some Android TV models allow you to move your downloaded apps to a USB storage device to increase the memory space available. View the following for more information.

    If you get an out-of-memory message

    • If your TV memory is full and you try to download a new application, the TV will inform you about insufficient storage and ask you to delete apps or content you no longer use.
    • If your TV is stuck, turn it off and back on to clear the system memory. If the TV doesn’t turn back on, perform a power reset of your TV, then follow the steps in this article to free up storage.