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Troubleshooting network issues

    Network issues can be frustrating because they can cause apps not to load, movies to buffer, music to not play properly, or other errors. Issues, such as the device can't connect to the network, errors occurring when trying to connect, or service unavailable, may be caused by several factors. This article helps with some of the more common reasons network issues occur.

    Common causes of network issues

    • Connection issues with your ISP (internet service provider)
    • Wrong password entered on the device when you use a secured network
    • The streaming service is experiencing network issues
    • Using multiple devices at the same time and streaming content during high-demand periods
    • Slow internet speed
    • Distance of the router to the device
    • Interference from other wireless devices, etc.


    The following troubleshooting steps provide common solutions and information to help diagnose and resolve a network issue:

    • Power reset your TV
    • Power reset your modem/router
    • Signal strength and interference
    • Check your network status
    • Setting the correct date and time on your TV