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The Android TV is stuck on a message Connecting to Google during the initial set up

    During the initial setup or after doing a Factory reset, the Android TV™ may be stuck on the message Connecting to Google... and the TV does not respond.


    Connecting to Google message


    • This message usually appears if there is no LAN cord connected at the back of the Android TV.
    • If the TV is stuck on the message Connecting to Google... and does not respond to any buttons you press on the supplied remote control, make sure to update the software of the TV using a USB flash drive to install the latest software. Downloads are posted on your model support page.

    If you want to use the TV without an Internet connection, you have the option to skip the Network settings. If you choose to connect the Android TV to a network router, connect a LAN cord to set up the Google® account.

    Follow these steps below to skip the Network settings of the Android TV and set up the Google account at a later time:

    1. While on the Connecting to Google... screen, press the BACK button using the supplied remote control.
    2. On the Select your Wi-Fi network screen, select SKIP.

      NOTE: If it goes back to the Welcome screen, select English.

    3. Under the Sign in to Google screen, select Skip.

      NOTE: On the next screen, select Continue.

    4. Under the Location screen, select YES.

      NOTE: Select US for the location.

    5. On the Privacy Policy screen, press the down arrow to scroll down, then select AGREE.
    6. Under the Do you want to start Auto Program screen, select SKIP.

      NOTE: If you are using an antenna or direct cable connection to the TV, select START.

    7. On the Setup Complete screen, select DONE.

    NOTE: A YouTube® video on how to perform the Initial setup of the Android TV  is available.

    If the steps above did not work, follow these steps:

    1. Unplug the power cord of the TV and the router. Let it sit for about 1 minute.
    2. Plug the power cord of the TV and router into a wall outlet.
    3. Power on the TV.
    4. Power on the router.

      NOTE: After the performing the reset, repeat the steps above on how to skip the Network settings of the Android TV.