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Error: 1107, 2123, 3218, 5010 or 7003 Appears During the Network Setup or When Attempting to Access Internet Content on the TV

    These errors may appear on your TV due to the following reasons:

    • Unstable internet connection or your device disconnects from the network.
    • Reduced internet speed on your network (especially when using wireless LAN).


    Follow these instructions to resolve the issue:

    • Make sure your TV has an active internet connection. Follow the steps according to your TV type:

      Android TV™ device

      Other TV models 

    • Check the internet speed of your network. Unstable internet speed may occur for the following reasons:
      • Reduced internet speed due to the distance of your TV from the router, or radio wave interference between your TV and the router
        • Your TV can still connect to the internet even though the network internet speed is slow, but the error code may still appear.
        • Connect your TV and the router using a wired LAN. If possible, use a new LAN cable, such as a category 5 LAN cable or higher.
          • This is to determine if the distance between your TV and router, or other wireless interferences, causes the issue.
      • Network traffic with other devices
        • The data amount which a router can deliver at once is limited. If using the internet concurrently with other devices, the network internet speed will be reduced significantly. In particular, video playback on the other device and software download will affect the traffic in order to download large amounts of data.
        • Avoid concurrent use with other wireless devices, and then check if the situation improves. Communication traffic due to concurrent use between users with the same ISP may cause network traffic. The network internet speed may be reduced temporarily due to the causes mentioned above. However, to determine whether the cause of the issue is due to network traffic or other factors mentioned above, try streaming an internet video when internet users are typically not online, like early in the morning, and check if the error code is still displayed.
      • Network traffic on ISP
        • Internet service providers use throttling or congestion management to make sure that bandwidth is equally shared between users.This is generally done during peek usage times.
      • Network traffic on the app provider
        • When access is concentrated to the service provider that delivers internet content such as live video streaming applications, the error codes may be displayed because of the congestion. It is difficult to confirm whether the error is caused by this type of congestion. Try streaming the internet video app when users is not mostly online and check whether the error codes still occur.
    • Perform a factory reset according to your TV type.

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